Colorado Gold Mines for Sale

Gold seekers who were headed for California, during the Gold Rush years, accidentally found small amounts of gold in South Platte River Valley. And since the gold nuggets they found did not impress them much, they moved on to their original destination. But they spread the story about the gold they’ve found in the Rocky Mountains and soon gold seekers started to explore this area.

1858 was the year when first significant discovery was made – 20 troy ounces. When the news about this substantial gold discovery began to spread, small parties began to flock the entire area. In the next couple of years more than 100,000 people came to this region in the search for gold. The placer gold deposits rapidly played out and miners were happy for all the gold and silver they found in the Rocky Mountain region.

Today, CMB (Colorado Mineral Belt) is known as one of the richest mining areas. Everything from Boulder to La Plata Mountains is interesting for gold seekers and there are many gold mines that pay out. The numbers say that more than 25M troy ounces have been found in this area. Colorado gold deposits are still very active – there are more than 25,000 active gold mines. You will also find more than 5,000 abandoned Colorado Gold Mines. Let’s take a look at some of the best Colorado Gold Mines for sale:

Cochetopa Creek Gold Placer – just 12 miles from Gunnison, this placer claim has gold, silver and copper. It lies in the Cochetopa gold belt which is known for gold quartz and rolling hills.

The Treasure Mine – located near the Treasure Gulch, this claim has a gold and a silver mine. There was a large operation here but now the claim is not visited. It can easily be reached with a 2WD. Since it’s only 34 miles away from Westcliffe, it’s a good place to start a gold mine.

Montezuma Mining Claim – one of the biggest gold mines in the area. It has around 13 miles of winzes, raises and drifts. It consists of two levels and they both have culverts installed. Gates are there too, which will save you a lot of money since you won’t have to install them yourself. This is primarily a gold mine, while silver has been found here as well. The mine is located near Ophir, in San Miguel County.

Historic Monon Mine – this was primarily a silver mine, but after the silver panic, it turned to the gold mine. There are good quantities of gold here and the operation stopped in 1910, due to litigation. Since then, no one seriously worked on this mine, even though the last two individuals who worked there worked on gold veins that produces 4 ounces. This is a good option for anyone who’s looking for a Colorado gold mine. Its located 19 miles from Del Norte.