Ideas to Make Money Online for College Students

If you did manage to pay for college, there are various personal and miscellaneous expenses that often aren’t covered by scholarships, loans, or your parents.

As such, one of the easiest ways to make money in your spare time is by using the Internet. Here are a few ideas that worked for me.

Make Money Online for College Students

1- Do freelance work

The world of freelance work has become enhanced ten-fold with the growing popularity of the Internet. As such, you’ll never be short on little jobs that you can do in your spare time.

One particular niche that worked for me was freelance or contract manuscript editing for e-publishers.

Most new publishing companies, especially smaller ones that only publish e-books, do not have full-time staff, and thus rely on freelance copyeditors.

After you contact them with your credentials and background, they will send you a manuscript of a novel, which you edit according to a particular deadline and are paid by the page or the word.

Other freelance areas include article writing, designing websites, and taking photos.

2- Sell textbooks and other items online

I’m not sure about you, but when I first began attending college, after a semester or two, my dorm room was cluttered with items that I had no use for.

Whether it was textbooks from last semester or a piece of furniture or household item my parents had given me but I never used, I had tons of extra stuff that was useless to me but was potentially needed by others.

Instead of selling old textbooks at the school bookstore, where you’ll invariably get ripped off, sell them, and other items on popular auction/resell sites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Amazon, and others.

3- Par time trading in Forex and cryptocurrency

Yes, I know it can be tricky and risky for college students but if you are really passionate about you can make some handsome amount of money through his method.

All you need is to find a good trading platform like RoyalCBank and get started.

There are millions of ways to make money while in college, but thanks to the Internet, you can do so more efficiently such that you’ll have plenty of time to study while still making time to have fun with friends. Good luck!

Can You Get Rich with Affiliate Marketing?

According to the latest research people who are trying to prove that money does not bring happiness are just justifying their own monetary unhappiness.

They are trying to convince themselves that it is completely Ok not to be wealthy.

money online

However if you think in such a way it means you have never lived with much cash in your pocket.

Many people who are poor have just never been wealthy, and that is why they comfort themselves that money is not important.

And the other extreme is the people who are fabulously rich. They are interested in others being poor, this helps them feel a difference and stay wealthy.

However you should understand that our world is made in such a way that some people who have power convinced the vast majority of others that being a middle class is good and nothing else should be desired.

But there always will be some guys who think and see that this is not the whole truth, moreover, it is not a reality at all.

They understand that being poor is not normal and beneficial, that is why they work hard and find other ways to make money.

Affiliate marketing is one such idea to make money. It is in fact one of the best ways today if you want to earn some extra part-time income for your family.

For instance, if you are good at writing on topics like forex, trading, cryptocurrency, etc. you can start a blog and can monetize it with the help of sites like EPC Club.

They can help you get started with affiliate marketing through which you can earn a great income.

Remember, good design is just not enough for any website. If you want your website to do well on the search engine then it is very important to have good website exposure.

You need high-quality articles posted on your blogs and also for internet marketing which are utilized for article distribution to maximum places possible.

This way you can easily get rich by using your blog and with affiliate marketing.

Get Success in Trading with Trusted Cryptocurrency Broker

Cryptocurrency is so presently considered to be the largest trading market worldwide.

The trading basically works on the current currency rates or on determining prices and deals with the buying, selling, and exchange of cryptocurrencies.

The largest international banks along with various institutions and individual traders are the main participants in the business of trading where the entire phenomenon is held and hosted by the various financial centers across the world.

But without forgetting the users are recommended not to just blindly follow the trading websites to make up their mind. They ought to check out all the major sources of knowledge relevant to their interests obtainable online or offline.

They should first achieve knowledge and strategies that work in the market then look out for the credibly of the broker site they are joining for trading. The reviews they have online will usually determine its worth and reliability in the mind of the users.

Profit Revolution trading robot is one of the most reliable platforms to join if you want to start with cryptocurrency trading. They offer great strategies that can be employed, both by experienced traders and new traders. As you know about the limited risk strategies, that are often used by experienced traders you can limit the losses in the field and increase your profits.

With the right trading system, on hand, you get the chance to multiply your profits and emerge as a leader. The moment you gain mastery over trading signals, you shall begin realizing that there are so many assets that can help you to make money.

Some individuals may offer you a system that will permit you to rake in benefits at the speediest time. These can be very misleading and should not be entertained. You should understand why they are actually offering that system whatsoever for simple coins when they can make millions?

So make sure that you go with a reliable most agent and start with the trading soon to make unlimited profits without any risk.

How to make easy money with trading cryptocurrencies online?

There is a number of ways by which you can make cash fast that too sitting at home. But not all works.

Knowing how to make money online is a great thing for people who are interested in making money online.

Investing in crypto space is one of them. Yes, we are talking here about investing in cryptocurrencies.

trading cryptocurrencies

Believe me, it is not at all easy to make money with cryptocurrencies.

But if you try hard and learn some of the basic concepts you can definitely earn money with cryptocurrencies.

If you are looking for the most powerful system that can work for you to earn money with cryptocurrencies, here is the one that I found very useful for me.

It’s named as crypto cash.

Cryptocurrencies trading with  Crypto Cash offers you a number of advantages which will help you to become a successful financial trader in the long run.

Today Cryptocurrencies trading has become a popular way of trading on different financial markets and the number of Cryptocurrencies brokers in the market is continuously increasing.

Crypto Cash is among the largest in trading business in the world. And the list of assets you can trade here is big and comprehensive.

You can trade in cryptocurrencies from different countries, as all types of currencies are available here that are prevalent in the world.

This vast list of assets helps traders to make a good selection of his/her portfolio and the trader can choose the market in which he/she feels convenient.

When you choose an asset, all the information related to the asset trading is provided and it is very easy to start trading with just a click of the mouse.

Furthermore, Crypto Cash provides an easier way of online trading without the need of downloading any software.

You can open your trading account from anywhere and with any device and that helps you in trading without any inconvenience.

Above all, it is a well-regulated broker by the topmost regulating authority of the world. Which means your trading and money are secured with the broker.

So, why waiting now. You should start with them right now to start in cryptocurrencies trading and get successful.

Why You Really Need A Staff Development Program for Your Business?

With the growing demands of business, in order to improve the level of competency, every business needs dedicated, skilled professionals, and employees.

It is imperative to have cutting edge knowledge to handle difficult situations. And to make the staff up to date, staff development programs are necessary. It helps to build confidence and to promote personal development.

Staff Development

Training and development enhance the personal, organizational skills of the employees. Staff development program focuses on all aspects of human resource development and prepares them as the most superior workforce.

Developmental programs can often play a major role in getting the most out of individuals and teams in any organization. These development programs for employees encourage them to work to the highest level of quality and effort.

It helps to improve performance levels and improves leadership qualities as well. A focused development program can lead to noticeable performance improvement and significantly enhanced leadership competencies.

If you want to get the most from any personal development program, you need three crucial elements. Consistency, patience and teach what your employees can learn. An effective staff development program ensures measurable improvements in performance and results.

The training program should be comprehensive and ongoing. It should be developed in such a way that it should keep your staff motivated about learning new concepts.

It should act as a building block of practical and technical skills needed to prepare the staff. They should focus on skills, behaviors, and not mere theories.

It should provide practical skills, tools, techniques to deliver business results. It should persuade the staff both intellectually and emotionally to change their behaviors. It is vital to make them learn by participation rather than by presentations by the trainer.

Singapore corporate gifts company suggests that it is also important to appreciate your employees from time to time to boost their confidence levels. This can be done by giving your employees corporate gifts from time to time like during special occasions.

There you can find unique gifts for every business occasion and this can really make a significant difference to your business. Such classic gifts can be unique greeting cards, dresses, watches, jewelry, rings, and many more, all with historical importance and unique.

There are pictures of important individuals that may be loved and sought after. These can be gifted with custom framing. For art enthusiasts, there are classic works by imminent painters that are available online at discounted prices, all authentic and signed, as well.

If you want to collect or gift such types of products, then you can get it conveniently and easily as such valuable goods are available online at reasonable prices. Such gifts can bring a smile on the faces of your dear ones.

There are several dealers online that sell many kinds of corporate gift items that are authentic and make a priced possession.

However, make sure that you choose only a reputed dealer online while buying them. Purchasing these perfect gifts from credible online stores has several advantages, you can save your precious time and money and even get a cheap rate of shipping the items.

How Does Forex Trading Signals Work?

Free forex trading signals are among the most common features that a good forex trading platform provides for its users. These trading signals often act as a warning sign helping the trader to make accurate decisions.

Trading signals are emitted by the trading platforms and are being used by the platform to help the traders. In simple terms, it is the way of the program to communicate with its users and to tell when it is the right time to trade.

These trading signals use an algorithm method that works parallel with the Forex market.

forex trading software

The Forex platform you use may have a different variety of trading software like automated trading, demo accounts, alerts, signals, graphs, charts, etc. and the trader can choose from them.

This software is often designed for both a beginner and an advanced level trader.

However, the thing to remember is that there are the number of quality Forex software available in the market but you need to make use of the best Forex software for your needs and it is important when you are trading on a regular basis.

How to choose the right currency trading software?

If the currency software you download and install is not able to deliver you the results as expected it is not worthy to use them.

There are some fraudulent services that provide scam software too. So, beware of all such services and do not install software from scammers.

The best way to know about particular currency trading software is to read its reviews.

For instance, if you are looking to join a trading system like Xtrade, it is important that you get its details via a detailed Xtrade review found online.

These software reviews are provided in the trading forums and communities where experts and users in this field interact with you.

The other best thing is to read some online reviews of the users in review sites that provide genuine reviews on the software by the actual users.

Overall, choosing the right currency trading software is the most required thing if you want to make use of an automated system to help you in trading successfully.

Tips for Investing in Cryptocurrencies and ICOs Safely

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay for long. And for this reason, anyone who invests in it can make good money out of it provided they hold their currencies for long.

Although there is correction seen in the Cryptocurrency markets these days, experts in the field believe that it has a long way to go and the future is really bright.

Increasing demand for cryptocurrencies has also led to the popularity of ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings.

ICO is basically a great way to raise money for new companies, businesses, and projects in the form of tokens or coins.

How does ICO work and benefit?

Initial coin offering works in a very similar manner as IPO or crowdfunding, where companies raise the required funds through private equity.

They are allocated their share in the company which increases with time and thus their returns on their investment.

ICO is a new trend that can be said to be an amalgamation of traditional methods and the latest technologies. Blockchain is the most advanced technique used in an ICO to raise funds for projects.

The technology is 100% risk-free and the money of the investors is completely safe.

Investors can invest their tokens (in the form of basic cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether) to buy the new coins.

Based on the business model and project, these ICOs have a high probability to fetch very high returns as compared to other assets.

High returns and the risk factor

If you are new to blockchain technology but believe in the long term growth story of ICOs, you should definitely check more about trading in cryptocurrencies.

Sites like XTRgate are there to help you out in getting started and earning huge returns.

Here you can get all the details of the trading strategies and techniques you can follow to get success.

Although the technology is safe to use and there are huge returns involved, there is a risk of prices going down when you invest in ICOs.

This usually happens when the project or company fails to get the desired results within the desired time frame.

It is therefore important that you research a bit and invest in the ICO tokens that are most reliable and easy to understand.

The Bucket Approach to Retirement Investing

Forty years ago, many retirees could rely on pension income from a previous employer to cover most of their financial needs – with supplemental income coming from Social Security and personal savings. Back then, government bonds were yielding 10%, which mitigated the need to invest in riskier assets, such as equities. Those days are long gone.

Traditional Capital Allocation

There are two primary schools of thought when it comes to retirement investing: the total return approach and the bucket approach. The total return approach is the traditional strategy, with assets invested in a diversified portfolio. During the accumulation phase, the investor’s primary objective is capital appreciation. As he nears retirement, funds are shifted from equities to fixed income in order to reduce market risk. Once the client retires, assets are typically drawn down evenly from the entire portfolio.

The Bucket Approach

The bucket approach follows the total return approach throughout most of the accumulation period. However, once the client is about three years away from retirement, his assets are divided among several portfolios (or buckets) with differing time horizons, asset allocations, and objectives. The advantage of this approach lies in its simplicity. Dividing assets into smaller, more manageable pieces is less overwhelming than lumping everything together into a single account.

Today’s retirement portfolios typically have three requirements: capital preservation (cash), income (bonds), and growth (stocks). The bucket approach is well-suited to these objectives, with each bucket serving a unique purpose. The first bucket is conservatively designed to produce income while preserving capital over a short time period, and the second bucket takes on more risk in order to provide a higher income during retirement. The third bucket is the riskiest of all, with substantial long-term capital gains as the investment goal.

Due to an investment environment with historically low interest rates, these are particularly challenging times for investors looking for a dependable retirement income. With money market accounts and short-term bonds offering practically nonexistent yields, retirees are faced with a difficult decision. They must either delay their retirement, reduce their standards of living, save more, or take on greater investment risks.

The bucket strategy was developed as a way of dealing with these problems. It maintains a stable pool of assets—sufficient to cover two years’ worth of living expenses—and a diversified basket of investments geared toward long-term growth. In other words, you segment your total portfolio by your anticipated investment time horizon. Funds required to cover short-term living expenses remain in cash, regardless of yield. Assets that won’t be needed for at least a couple of years are invested in a diversified pool of long-term holdings in pursuit of higher returns.

Bucket 1

Your first bucket is designed to provide immediate income and cash for emergencies. It contains sufficient funds to cover the first two years of retirement. To determine the amount of money you’ll need in bucket 1, start with your anticipated annual spending. Subtract any other sources of guaranteed income, such as pension payments or Social Security. The remaining amount is the annual income that bucket 1 must provide. Conservative investors may wish to include an extra cushion for unexpected expenses. Appropriate bucket 1 investments are stable, very conservative, and liquid in nature.

Bucket 2

Funds invested in bucket 2 are waiting to be tapped for income when bucket 1 is depleted. This intermediate bucket contains sufficient assets to cover living expenses for retirement years three through 10. Investments in this bucket tend to be higher risk than those found in bucket 1, since there’s more time to ride out market swings. Funds are typically invested in quality fixed income assets—such as corporate and government bonds—with an eight-year time horizon. A small portion of this portfolio may be invested in dividend-paying equities and other higher-yielding securities such as master limited partnerships. Conservative or balanced mutual funds are also appropriate bucket 2 investments.

While it’s possible to spend the income from bucket 2 directly, it’s generally better to use these proceeds to refill bucket 1 instead. The yield from these investments can flow directly into bucket 1, replenishing it automatically throughout the year.

Bucket 3

Bucket 3, which covers years 11 and beyond, represents the long-term, high-volatility, high-return portion of your portfolio. This bucket has the highest risk profile of them all, since it has the longest time horizon and the best chance of recovering from a market downturn. It’s invested in equities and higher-risk bonds—such as junk bonds—with a primary focus on capital appreciation. This portfolio has the potential to deliver the best long-term performance, but it also has greater risk of permanent loss of capital than do buckets 1 and 2. The first two buckets exist to prevent you from needing to dip into bucket 3 when markets are down, and these assets show paper losses. When your short-term living expenses are safely tucked away in bucket 1, you can psychologically endure the volatility that comes with bucket 3.

Bucket Management

The bucket strategy is simple in principle, but managing this plan becomes more complicated when bucket 1 runs dry. You should add assets to bucket 1 as cash gets spent down, and there are different ways of doing this. This process works for many investors:

The retiree reinvests all income, dividends, and capital gains back into his holdings. He refills bucket 1 by rebalancing the other buckets – periodically selling holdings that have performed the best to bring the total portfolio’s asset class exposures back in line with asset allocation targets. Using this strategy, the investor sells appreciated assets on a regular basis, while leaving the underperforming assets in place.

Cash meets immediate income needs and preserves capital, bonds satisfy intermediate cash flow needs, and stocks provide growth. By linking asset buckets to specific time horizons and income goals—and investing in the appropriate vehicles—the bucket approach can potentially generate a more reliable retirement income.

California Tax Filing with a Canadian Spouse

Our previous article discussed the concept of California domicile and the application of California community-property rules to Canadians domiciled in the state. This article is the second installment in our series explaining how California community property laws can impact Canadians.

At Cardinal Point, we regularly deal with cross-border couples who maintain cross-border lifestyles due to career commitments or other obligations. It’s important to understand how California’s community property laws apply when one spouse is domiciled in California and the other in Canada.

Imagine a married couple in which the wife lives in Toronto (and is domiciled in Ontario) and the husband lives in Los Angeles (and is domiciled in California). Both spouses are dual American and Canadian citizens and they file a joint U.S. Form 1040 tax return. The husband, Drew, is a professional hockey player who plays for a California-based NHL team. Drew’s wife, Amber, is a top fashion model based out of Toronto. The couple owns homes in both Toronto and Los Angeles. Since Amber is mainly working in Toronto, New York, London and Paris, she only spends two weeks a year in Los Angeles with her husband. Moreover, Amber does not earn any California-sourced income.

One might assume that Amber does not need to file a California tax return and pay California tax, given that she doesn’t earn any California income and isn’t domiciled in California.

But as we stated in our previous article, California follows its own rules for determining tax residency. Unlike federal tax treatment, an immigrant to California is normally a California resident from the date of arrival. No 183 physical presence test or green card is required to determine California residency status. Moreover, since California is not a party to the Canada-U.S. tax treaty, the treaty is not applicable for purposes of determining California residency (similarly, California does not allow a foreign tax credit or the federal foreign earned income exclusion).

Going back to Drew and Amber, because they are filing jointly on their federal return, California requires the same joint filing status on their California return, and they would pay California tax on their worldwide income.

There is, however, a little-known legal exception that will allow our imaginary couple to file separately instead of jointly for California tax purposes. To file separately in California, two criteria must be met: (1) Amber must not be a resident of California and (2) she must not have any California-sourced income, including California wages and income from California real-estate property.

With Amber filing separately under the exception, she would still need to file a California 540NR non-resident return to pay tax on 50% of her husband’s California income. That’s because Drew is domiciled in California. Moreover, she would need to disclose her non-California-sourced income on the California return to determine her California tax rate.

Because of the complexities facing cross-border couples, they are well-advised to seek out tax advisers who specialize in navigating the cross-border tax landscape.

Marc Gedeon is a CPA (U.S), CPA (Canada) and Tax Attorney at Cardinal Point, a cross-border wealth management organization with offices in the United States and Canada.  Marc specializes in providing Canada-U.S. cross-border financial, tax, transition, and estate planning services. This piece is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal or tax advice. Online readers should not act upon this information without seeking professional counsel.

Salient Benefits of Business Insurance in Risk Minimization

There is a saying in business that “no risk, no gain” and in terms of business it’s true as well.

If you can’t take more risk in the business then it will be not possible for you to grow more and gain more revenue as well.

Thus, it should be the duty of each businessman that he must take a bit of risk in order to grow his empire.

But how much risk one should take in the business and how to cover it up is the bone of contention.

Among all other viable options, there is one which can give you a prudent and effective control on your risk and thus you can tackle the situations in a better way.

It is needless to say that Business insurance is a way by which one can control things.

It is a financial vehicle that is designed to safeguard the risk or financial losses of the business and provide a sigh of relief to the business owners.

There are various advantages that one can reap from taking this measure by contacting a business insurance specialist to curb down the risk.

  • It can take care of the loss and any forms of liability occurred in unfortunate circumstances.
  • Business insurance protects people and the business environment.
  • It can reduce the sudden rise in operational costs due to any accidents or losses.
  • It ensures the continuity of the business and prolongs the existence of it as well.
  • It is fully committed to giving you full support and assistance in preventing the financial losses thus you can do your business in a more aggressive way and can grow significantly without any tension or stress.

In addition to all the above, as a business owner, you can also get the benefits in tax when you avail taxation services along with a good business insurance.

Do not forget to get in touch with a specialist who can walk through all the details before you plan to get a good insurace for your business.