Ideas to Make Money Online for College Students

If you did manage to pay for college, there are various personal and miscellaneous expenses that often aren’t covered by scholarships, loans, or your parents.

As such, one of the easiest ways to make money in your spare time is by using the Internet. Here are a few ideas that worked for me.

Make Money Online for College Students

1- Do freelance work

The world of freelance work has become enhanced ten-fold with the growing popularity of the Internet. As such, you’ll never be short on little jobs that you can do in your spare time.

One particular niche that worked for me was freelance or contract manuscript editing for e-publishers.

Most new publishing companies, especially smaller ones that only publish e-books, do not have full-time staff, and thus rely on freelance copyeditors.

After you contact them with your credentials and background, they will send you a manuscript of a novel, which you edit according to a particular deadline and are paid by the page or the word.

Other freelance areas include article writing, designing websites, and taking photos.

2- Sell textbooks and other items online

I’m not sure about you, but when I first began attending college, after a semester or two, my dorm room was cluttered with items that I had no use for.

Whether it was textbooks from last semester or a piece of furniture or household item my parents had given me but I never used, I had tons of extra stuff that was useless to me but was potentially needed by others.

Instead of selling old textbooks at the school bookstore, where you’ll invariably get ripped off, sell them, and other items on popular auction/resell sites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Amazon, and others.

3- Par time trading in Forex and cryptocurrency

Yes, I know it can be tricky and risky for college students but if you are really passionate about you can make some handsome amount of money through his method.

All you need is to find a good trading platform like RoyalCBank and get started.

There are millions of ways to make money while in college, but thanks to the Internet, you can do so more efficiently such that you’ll have plenty of time to study while still making time to have fun with friends. Good luck!

Can You Get Rich with Affiliate Marketing?

According to the latest research people who are trying to prove that money does not bring happiness are just justifying their own monetary unhappiness.

They are trying to convince themselves that it is completely Ok not to be wealthy.

money online

However if you think in such a way it means you have never lived with much cash in your pocket.

Many people who are poor have just never been wealthy, and that is why they comfort themselves that money is not important.

And the other extreme is the people who are fabulously rich. They are interested in others being poor, this helps them feel a difference and stay wealthy.

However you should understand that our world is made in such a way that some people who have power convinced the vast majority of others that being a middle class is good and nothing else should be desired.

But there always will be some guys who think and see that this is not the whole truth, moreover, it is not a reality at all.

They understand that being poor is not normal and beneficial, that is why they work hard and find other ways to make money.

Affiliate marketing is one such idea to make money. It is in fact one of the best ways today if you want to earn some extra part-time income for your family.

For instance, if you are good at writing on topics like forex, trading, cryptocurrency, etc. you can start a blog and can monetize it with the help of sites like EPC Club.

They can help you get started with affiliate marketing through which you can earn a great income.

Remember, good design is just not enough for any website. If you want your website to do well on the search engine then it is very important to have good website exposure.

You need high-quality articles posted on your blogs and also for internet marketing which are utilized for article distribution to maximum places possible.

This way you can easily get rich by using your blog and with affiliate marketing.

Why You Really Need A Staff Development Program for Your Business?

With the growing demands of business, in order to improve the level of competency, every business needs dedicated, skilled professionals, and employees.

It is imperative to have cutting edge knowledge to handle difficult situations. And to make the staff up to date, staff development programs are necessary. It helps to build confidence and to promote personal development.

Staff Development

Training and development enhance the personal, organizational skills of the employees. Staff development program focuses on all aspects of human resource development and prepares them as the most superior workforce.

Developmental programs can often play a major role in getting the most out of individuals and teams in any organization. These development programs for employees encourage them to work to the highest level of quality and effort.

It helps to improve performance levels and improves leadership qualities as well. A focused development program can lead to noticeable performance improvement and significantly enhanced leadership competencies.

If you want to get the most from any personal development program, you need three crucial elements. Consistency, patience and teach what your employees can learn. An effective staff development program ensures measurable improvements in performance and results.

The training program should be comprehensive and ongoing. It should be developed in such a way that it should keep your staff motivated about learning new concepts.

It should act as a building block of practical and technical skills needed to prepare the staff. They should focus on skills, behaviors, and not mere theories.

It should provide practical skills, tools, techniques to deliver business results. It should persuade the staff both intellectually and emotionally to change their behaviors. It is vital to make them learn by participation rather than by presentations by the trainer.

Singapore corporate gifts company suggests that it is also important to appreciate your employees from time to time to boost their confidence levels. This can be done by giving your employees corporate gifts from time to time like during special occasions.

There you can find unique gifts for every business occasion and this can really make a significant difference to your business. Such classic gifts can be unique greeting cards, dresses, watches, jewelry, rings, and many more, all with historical importance and unique.

There are pictures of important individuals that may be loved and sought after. These can be gifted with custom framing. For art enthusiasts, there are classic works by imminent painters that are available online at discounted prices, all authentic and signed, as well.

If you want to collect or gift such types of products, then you can get it conveniently and easily as such valuable goods are available online at reasonable prices. Such gifts can bring a smile on the faces of your dear ones.

There are several dealers online that sell many kinds of corporate gift items that are authentic and make a priced possession.

However, make sure that you choose only a reputed dealer online while buying them. Purchasing these perfect gifts from credible online stores has several advantages, you can save your precious time and money and even get a cheap rate of shipping the items.

Key to Successful Selling for Online Businesses

Aaron is an expert when it comes to the sales industry as he has invaluable experience in the art of selling products and services. He says that when you are going in for sales, it is positive for you to create positive first impressions.

Now, this is not a hard task for you at all. You just should like to meet people and understand what they are looking for in the product or service you offer.

Appointment Booking

Especially when you are into online marketing or business and want to attract more customers, the offering you make should highlight the benefits of the product or service to the customer. He says that when you are selling products and services it is important for you to be aware of your customer and their requirements.

In fact, the moment you need the background of your customer, you effectively can sell them the specifics of the product or the service.

When you are selling the product or service, you should be aware of the preferences, age, and tastes of the customer. They should be able to afford your offering and it should be appealing to them to take it.

Improving your soft skills in the sales process

Communication is a vital ingredient in the sales process and Aaron says that you should improve on your soft skills and have good listening skills to understand the needs and the expectations of your customers.

In case you are into online business or services you can efficiently make communication better for your customers by getting a better appointment booking platform for them. A free online Scheduling tool like Bookafy can help a lot in this respect.

Always remember that your product or service has a unique selling proposition or a USP. It is important for you to have a very good and effective understanding of the product or service so that you are ready and prepared to answer any questions that the customer might ask.

In the case of selling, you do not have to be a technical expert but you should highlight the strengths of the product or service in a most efficient way.

Author bio: Aaron is a successful entrepreneur who is running an online business for about a decade. He always recommends using the best technology and tools for getting more customers and profits.

The Yale Myth: Analyzing the Poor Performance of Endowments

The investment performance of Yale’s and Harvard’s endowments has drawn interest from other endowments and investors alike, but little research has been done on non-profit endowment performance overall, despite the $700 billion in assets they collectively manage.

One recent study,  “Investment Returns and Distribution Policies of Non-Profit Endowment Funds,” released by Georgetown University and the Stern School of Business, shed some light on endowment performance.

This paper, by professors Sandeep Dahiya and David Yermack, used IRS filing from 2009-2016 to look at the investment performance of more than 28,000 organizations, and the authors made some surprising conclusions.

  • In general, they found, endowments averaged a return of only 3.75% over the period, badly underperforming a 60/40 equity/bond split portfolio by 5.53%. They were even handily beaten by Treasury bonds, which returned an average of 4.89% over that period.
  • Using the Fama-French-Carhart four factor model (risk, size, value and momentum), the authors found a statistically significant (to below 1%) alpha of -1.01%.
  • Despite the reputations of Yale’s and Harvard’s endowments, higher education endowments performed significantly worse than other endowments, with alphas of -1.89% and -.93% respectively.
  • Smaller endowments perform better than larger endowments, contrary to expectation. It is often assumed that larger endowments have access to better managers and can negotiate lower fees.
  • The top 20 national universities, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report, performed better, with abnormal returns of zero percent. While this is much better than the negative alphas of the endowment group as a whole, a zero percent alpha is the abnormal return expected simply by chance.

The authors surmise that while both stocks and bonds experienced a bull market for most of the study period, endowments may have been sitting on the sidelines, with large amounts of their assets in cash or equivalents.  They also found an interesting performance pattern.

Large endowments, which make up the majority of investment assets, had poor performance if they were located closer to a major financial center, while smaller endowments tended to perform better the closer they were to a major financial center.  It is not clear why this would be the case, but one possibility is that large funds are likely to attract, and possibly over-invest in, money managers pitching expensive, illiquid products.

Some of these finding are backed up by an earlier study from Vanguard.  Their September 2014 study, “Assessing Endowment Performance: The Enduring Role of Low-Cost Investing” noted that in the 25 years prior to 2014, the investment strategies of many endowments changed dramatically.

A balanced 60%/40% stock/bond split was the traditional investment norm, but over the 25 year period, investments in alternatives such as hedge funds and private equity increased dramatically, possibly in response to Yale’s success.  By 2013, the largest endowment portfolios had 60% of their assets tied up in such investments.  Vanguard’s study looked at whether or not this strategy shift had paid off.

The answer, unsurprisingly, was no.  The table below, from their study, shows the 5 – 25 year returns of all endowments in the study, compared to a 60% stock / 40% bond benchmark.


5 years                 10 years                15 years              20 years            25 years


Yale University 3.3% 11.0% 11.8% 13.5% 13.2%
Harvard University 1.7 9.4 9.6 11.9 11.5
All endowments 3.8 6.8 5.6 7.7 8.4
All active balanced mutual funds 5.1 6.0 4.9 7.0 7.9
60% stock/40% bond benchmark 5.9 7.4 5.7 7.6 8.3


This table also shows the long term performance of Yale’s and Harvard’s endowment compared to the rest of the group.

Their past outperformance is clear and is what led to the “Yale Model” that other funds and investors have tried to replicate, however, in the most recent 5 year period, both of those endowments have performed poorly, returning less, on average, than endowments as a group, and coming in far below the returns of a simple 60% stock / 40% bond portfolio.

Vanguard found that endowments had, over time, significantly increased the portfolio percentages allocated to alternative investments.  In the 10 years up until June 2013, large endowments increased their alternative allocation from, on average, 31% to 59%.

Medium sized endowments went from 16% to 36%, while small endowments went from 5% to 18%.  But there is no evidence that this pivot towards alternative investments has increased returns.

There are a number of possible reasons for this.  One explanation is that the performance of hedge funds overall has decreased over the last couple of decades.  Vanguard found that the excess returns realized by large endowments mostly occurred in the early to mid 2000s, before many smaller endowments began moving into the alternatives space.

But aside from timing issues, there is the problem of active management in general.  While there are clearly successful outliers, alternative investments as a group do not outperform public market benchmarks.  Generating outsized returns from alternatives, then, requires finding and accessing top managers.

And, of course, it requires those top managers to continue their out-performance over extended periods of time, something that most studies show simply does not happen.   It is also possible that expenses dragged down performance for small endowments especially.

The thinking here is that large funds should be able to negotiate better pricing based on the amount of money they are able to invest.  Smaller funds with less to invest could be paying considerably more.

There is also the question of all around deteriorating performance over the last 5-15 years ending in 2013.  10 years prior to 2013, the performance gap between a balanced portfolio and endowment returns was less than 1%.

In the 5 years prior to 2013, during a period of steady increases in the percentage of portfolios allocated to alternatives, that gap has increased to more than 3%.

Since the study periods here overlap with Dahiya and Yermack, the possibility of endowments holding large cash positions needs to be considered as a reason for this underperformance, but it is also possible that the increase in alternatives was at least partly responsible.

Whatever the reason, it seems clear that endowments have investing in an unsuccessful strategy.  With so many low cost, liquid investment vehicles available, endowments would be better off focusing on factors and asset classes they want exposure to, and utilizing those vehicles to build inexpensive, transparent portfolios to protect and grow their funds.

Are State Pensions in Trouble?

At a funding level of only 31%, Kentucky’s pension is in trouble. Only New Jersey, with a similar level of funding, can match it in the race to the bottom.


Despite being fully funded in 2000, years of shorting pension contributions to patch holes in their budget, coupled with risky hedge fund investments that went sour, has left Kentucky’s state employees and retirees worrying that their retirement security is at risk.

And while Kentucky and New Jersey may be the worst, there are many other states that are not far behind. As of 2016, the funding gap in state pension systems between assets and promised benefits was $1.4 Trillion.

This is the result of most states, like Kentucky, failing to contribute enough to their plans annually. In 2002, pension contributions accounted for about 2.3% of state and local spending. While that has grown to 4.7%, that is still not enough for some of these pensions to close the gap.

States are starting to take action, mostly to the detriment of new hires, but some attempts have been make to cut benefits promised to retirees and current employees.

While these have mostly either not been signed into law or have been rejected by the courts, it is a worrying trend for current or retired state employees.

New hires and some current employees do face pension changes in an increasing number of states.   Some states now have various hybrid plans that combine the traditional defined benefits of pensions with defined contributions plans similar to 401Ks.

This means that more of the investment risk is being handed off to the employee.

States are changing benefits in other ways, too. Contributions by employees are increasing without a commensurate increase in benefits, benefits are being calculated based on salary history rather than the usually higher salary at retirement, and in some cases, payouts can be partially based on investment performance.

All of this means less financial security for state employees. As many state employees have limited access to Social Security, there is no fall back for retirees if a state pension manages to drastically cut its benefits.

For current and new employees, benefits upon retirement date may be a fraction of what was guaranteed to past generations of employees.

With all of the changes and uncertainty around state pensions, planning and saving for retirement becomes increasingly important, even for those promised lifetime benefits upon retirement.

Major Benefits Of Hiring Accounting Services

The rise of online trading and business has tremendously changed the way transactions are executed.

The techniques have brought people closer to one another but have also complicated the simple way of transactions.

Now, people mostly use debit/credit cards along with internet banking for executing transactions and earning.

Accounting Services

Keeping a record of everything has turned out way complicated and tough because of which accounting services are being hired.

The expert accountant services are available twenty-four-hours at your service. One can approach them through their official online portals and blogs.

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs could calculate everything using simple pen and calculators? With so many complications in accountancy, only specialized experts can execute everything in a sound way.

No one can manage business and record transactions at the same time as both activities require ample concentration and hard work.

By hiring accounting services, you can sit back and relax thereby transferring all your accounting related problems to them. The agents of the company can be hired by you on a temporary basis for getting the records maintained.

Accounting services like AccountIT are regarded to be safe and economical. The hired experts shall interfere in your accounts only on a temporary basis thereby leaving you fully secured and safe.

Unlike the ones who are hired permanently, your firm shall not be at risk of account manipulation. Neglecting bookkeeping can end up creating loads of troubles for you at the end.

You need to timely pay taxes and other bills because of which account management is a must. The hired accountants can help you in the following ways:

  • Filing tax returns
  • Preparation of balance sheet and profit and loss accounts
  • Calculating the due salary of the staff
  • Net profit or annual turnover of the firm
  • Calculation of shares
  • Goodwill valuation
  • Bank statements and much more

Even if you have the caliber to calculate everything in the right manner, it is not necessary that you may find sufficient time to do so.

This is how progress impacts businesses and if you try to do all the work by yourself your business too can suffer a lot negatively.

By hiring the experts, one is able to ensure that one gets the right mathematical figures at the right time. The temporarily hired experts eliminate the office expenses that you would have otherwise borne because of hiring the permanent accountants.

A single accountant hired by the firm shall help you to solve all your accountancy troubles.

However, when hiring them it is good to evaluate their availability. Accountants aren’t known for good customer service abilities, but it is a significant aspect of their job. If you don’t see them for days, then they aren’t the right choice for you.

Not all people have the same accounting needs but there are situations where you need a specialist touch. Find out if they are suitable for the kind of accounting and bookkeeping you desire and see their past work for this.

There is no shortcut when it comes to hiring an experienced and skilled accountant so make sure you for the tips for hiring an accountant.

How to be a successful investor in long term?

Contrary to the idea of the majority of individuals out there, making it big in the stock market is not that tough a catch. In fact, it is just a matter of process purification.

And yes definitely there are some risk factors but then again what good thing in life doesn’t come with a risk to it?

But when one really knows how to handle things properly, it is not that much of a concern. As per investment specialist Ahmed Nashaat, it all about when to make the strike and when to lay back.


The long term investment is a field where the bigger picture matters much more than the bits and pieces. This means that you shouldn’t worry about minimal or slight movements of investments. Because these are often short term and don’t very much define the larger picture.

The key to long term investment is to mold one’s mind to think ahead than the others and to keep in account the different outcomes as much as it is possible.

Confidence is of the utmost importance when you dream to be a long term investor. In fact, it is vital that you stay resolute on your decisions and shouldn’t fickle like candlelight. Remember stress only brings about misjudgment in any person.

Therefore keep as calm as possible at any particular moment. It is resolute of a person under extreme stress that defines a person’s dedication and determination in totality. Don’t overwhelm yourself in cases of obvious volatility of the short term investments.

Particularly when investing in P2P lending platforms you should choose the one wisely and thereby focus on fulfilling your investment goals in aspect to that particular investment platform.

Platforms like Grupeer are worth checking if you want to get much higher returns on your investment with low risk. However, before investing make sure you check the Grupeer review online to get a better idea of how it works.

According to Ahmed Nashaat, it is important that you pick a single strategy to move forward rather than bits and pieces of many strategies. Just like focus can take you a long way closer to your success as a long term investor, diverging in the matter can lead to depreciated results which are ultimately not good for you. Don’t be confused among the many strategies out there.

Finding your own way of getting things done takes quite an amount of time. But never give up on it. None of the hurdles along the way are permanent and will move along as you learn more. Basically a strategy is like a weapon which you wield. The more you shun it the sharper it becomes.

Therefore it is useless to have numerous blunt weapons at your disposal than to have a weapon which you will sharpen on a regular basis just to make your goals more precise and refined.

When investing in stocks don’t just be biased about buying stocks of the big names in the field. As opposed to the common misconception, small-cap stocks have even higher return on investment quite often. Therefore first analyze the past records and then invest depending on that and on your own calculations as well.

So it is not a matter to fret but only a matter to be calculated and handled with discipline. Then you are on your way to being a successful long term investor.

Telephone System That Is Best For Running Your Business Smoothly

The business phone system plays really very important for business these days. It allows you to get efficient and professional phone connectivity with several additional advantages.

Most importantly, this is the easiest equipment that can be installed really very conveniently and quickly for any business.

You will find a huge variety in price ranges on the basis of service and that will make bigger differences in your budget when you will take the decision of installing the IP phone system for your business.

Ip phone

Most importantly, the telephone system would be hosted in another place and it would be operated and handled by the other provider which will decrease the cost and requirement of care and handling for you.

And it becomes even more efficient and convenient with its feature that allows you to replace your existing telephones with this service.

IP Phone System for Businesses

Unlike any of the traditional phone line services, the IP telephone system is primarily unregulated by the government.

Now, if you are planning to start a business line, then you have to get hold of proper communication.

Transparent communication can help your business grow. It is during such instances when you have to get along with IP phone services.

As most of the work is related to networked computers, so this line can always prove to be the best one among the lot.

It can help in establishing a proper day to day communications, without any line jam or fault in the main center.

Easy to install and use

Well, the Avaya telephone system is quite simple in its installation duty. It is even easy to configure and maintain the line, without much of a mess.

Even if people have less knowledge in technology, still they can clearly use this line without facing any glitch. VoIP is the finest line system, which will help you to create the base of perfect communication for your business.

Now, you don’t need anyone to come and run your phone wiring throughout the available facility. You can always set an IP phone and even get ready to work on it, for the first time only.

Going for the software

There is hosted software used while working on such telephone lines. These are easy to use and inexpensive while adding any new users in the same line.

It comprises of a promising web portal, which makes it quite easy to add, move or change the configuration of the system.

You do not need to install a VoIP, where you need to work on IP phones and you do not have to install the software. This package is always going to provide you with the finest response, of all time.

Trusted all over the world

The office telephone system is solely trusted on a global presence, and even by some of the renowned large enterprises. With the help of these phones, you can get more jobs done and handle some extra number of calls. Furthermore, you can easily get in touch with maximum people, using the same series.

These phones are solely designed for those users, who are most of the time on their phones, and need some accessibility to advanced forms of telephony services. You can even get hold of the best usability options along with line support, with the best package.

Role of corporate gifts in business relations

Corporate gifts play a crucial role in the promotion and progression of business organizations.

Today, the success of any business house is certainly based on the relationship that the company generates with its clients, business partners and potential customers.

Moreover, the future sales and flourishing of a company also depends on the good relationship that a company develops over the years.

corporate gifts in business

Corporate gifts help lot in producing good business relationships as these presents are promotional items that could enhance the sale of a company’s products to a great extent.

Giving corporate gifts singapore is a radical way of marketing and promoting products or services. Besides, these gifts also pave the success for a business firm.

There are many varieties of corporate gifts are available in the market to choose from. Leather gifts are one of a kind of corporate gifts that are beautiful and elegant in all ends.

Leather bound diaries are available with the company’s name engraved or personalized embossed name.

These gifts can be most precious for a client or customer to remember a company for years to come. Don’t think that there is specific season for giving corporate gifts.

You can give these gifts at any time and even during festivals you can give corporate gifts.

There are many festivals when people use to exchange gifts with friends and relatives. You can choose the festival time to give gifts to business associates, partners and clients.

Big business houses and corporate choose the festive seasons to give corporate gifts.

These gifts are considered as an effective way to market products or services of a company and can be purchased at stores that offer corporate gifts online.

Furthermore, corporate gifts go a long way to generate creative and mutually good method of marketing the products. There are many websites online offering corporate gifts of variety kinds to choose from.