Is Forex Trading Real or A Scam?

In the present scenario, the forex market is put in a very strange position.

The forex market has multiplied manifold in the last few decades and now it is one of the biggest and most active investment markets of the world.

Only some years ago, forex was considered a niche but now the tables have turned and high volumes are recorded in the forex market.

Forex Trading Real or A Scam

A lot of forex trainers promise instant success and this is why an average person questions the authenticity of forex trading and its mechanism.

They wonder is forex trading a scam or reality.

Investment gurus state that forex is nothing more than an investment which has been in practice for several years but the forex mechanism involves international monetary institutes to exchange currency for different purposes.

What doesn’t make sense is can forex trading make you a millionaire overnight or give you immense profits, without stumbling upon losses.

Once you enter the forex market and commence trading, you will know that success and failure here go hand in hand.

Whether you will be successful or not depends on a number of aspects as well as your trading efforts.

How does the forex market function?

Forex means foreign exchange. It is the engine where all the operations related to money exchange takes place around the world.

The currencies function under market rules and trading with them is your prospective chance to make money.

But trading with currency isn’t that easy as it appears, despite the part that forex isn’t a scam, at all.

Forex trading isn’t a guaranteed manner to earn a consistent profit.  A lot of amateur traders are destined to lose in the beginning.

Even the professional traders who don’t treat their money well end up losing their money.

This certainly ensures that forex trading isn’t a scam. Hence you need to adopt some skills and knowledge before you practice trading.

Forex trading isn’t rocket science but you need a well-designed knowledge to be a well-prep trader.

So, if you ask is trading a scam? Well, could it be if you put so much devotion and effort into mastering this artwork?

Some Of The Best Trading Strategies For Success

To earn a decent income and living with online trading is a dream for many. At the same time, it is important to know that trading online is really a challenging job online these days.

You will need to get proper training and understand concepts before you can dive in. This will help you save from possible losses.

Here are a few things you will need to understand before you trade online. Hopefully, it helps.

Trading Strategies For Success

Reading OHLC chart

The full name is open high low close chart, where the close indicates the assets ultimately reach. It is indicated by a bar going to the right.

The open indicates where the assets initially started from and are given by a bar going to the left.

The high point is at the top of the bar where the assets will reach over the period.

The lowest point at the bottom of the bar, which shows the maximum fall in the price of assets over the same period. Reading an OHLC chart will help you to utilize the best trading strategy properly.

Three Consecutive Bar Trend

Here you need to locate three bars that follow the same trend. If three bars are going up, you use a call for it.

If three bars are going down, you use the word put it. As it is very important in life to know what will work for you and what won’t, similarly in the investment of money you should also know which pattern or trend is the best for you.

Based on my experiences of trading at MDX500 I can say that this will give you the maximum results.

The ABC trading

The next possible way to succeed is ABC trading. The basic aim of this strategy is to monitor market tendencies and profit. For example, you wish to locate an ABC call.

You need to look for a line that moves upwards and then downwards for a very short amount of time.

It is important because the next time this line will move upwards, it will keep going in the same direction for a significant amount of time, thereby helping you to locate where you should call for the asset.

Failures in trends

While you know how to locate a call or a put, which you should do in the opposite mechanism, you also have to know how to locate failures in order to avoid being misguided.

The best way to know this is by trying to look for specific patterns in the C point.

If the C point is seen to go lower or higher for a call or put than the previous C pattern, it is a clear sign of failure for that particular bar or line.

Understanding forex market and trading for beginners?

The foreign exchange market is a market place to buy and sell different currencies. It occurs over the counter through the interbank market rather than a centralized exchange.

You may have unknowingly participated in forex treading by ordering imported shoes or buying foreign money for holidays.

Traders get attracted to a forex market because of several reasons such as:

  1. Size of the forex market
  2. Different volatility level
  3. Different currencies to trade-in
  4. Low cost per transaction
  5. Open all 24 hours a day for 5 working days

If you are new to forex trading, then this article will help you learn it.

First, you should know the base and then gradually enter the trading world.

Forex market explained

In simple words, the foreign exchange market is just like the other markets depending on demand and supply.

For instance, if there is a huge demand for the US dollar from European people with Euros, they will get Dollars in exchange for Euros.

So, the US dollar value will rise and the euro will fall. But, remember for some other pair USD may be depreciating.

 How does the forex market move?

The above given example is just one of the major ways which make the FX market move.

There are several factors that impact the forex market and make the movement take place for instance election of a new president, GDP, unemployment, inflation, etc.

You can take the help of the economic calendar to stay updated and do good trades.

Why is the forex market so appealing?

The forex market permits all big and small banks, financial institutes, retail, and government traders to exchange one currency for another through interbank markets.

The trade is done between global banks round the clock. If the Asian trading session comes to an end, the European and UK banks become available.

A complete trading day ends when the US session follows the Asian session for another day

According to a reliable broker and a uBanker review, another thing that makes the market more appealing to traders is its liquidity.

On average, the daily trading volume of the forex market is $5.1 trillion. It means that traders can easily enter and exit at any time as there are a plethora of buyers and sellers on the exchange.

How does forex trading works?

A lot of people want to earn money through forex trading. Luckily, the trading basics are quite simple.

If you think that a particular currency will go up, then purchase it.

It is called long. If you think that the currency is going to go down, then sell it. This is called short.

Who trades forex?

Majorly there are two kinds of traders in the foreign exchange market who go for it: speculators as well as hedgers.

Hedgers don’t go for extreme movement and look forward to lowering their exposure to the movements in foreign currency.

Speculators, on the contrary, are risk-takers and then look for volatility in the market and take complete benefit of it. This includes big financial institutes and retail traders.

Ways to Solve Your Financial Emergency Situations

A survey revealed that the possibility for a couple to divorce when it fights about money every week is more than 30 percent.

And money stress is mainly responsible for its unhappiness.

It may be difficult for you to learn how to solve your financial emergencies but you will be more financially secure and happier when you develop the ability to do so.

Financial Emergency Situations

Being strict in budgeting

You will be able to know where and how to reduce your expenditure as soon as you understand your financial situation and how you are approaching it.

Part of this approach is for you to have a very rigorous budget, which you may find extremely difficult to adapt.

However, this budget helps in giving you peace of mind and providing security as compared to when you fail to plan. You will not scramble to try to survive because an expense will not surprise you if you know your expenses and bills.

Saving and investing

When you incur unexpected expenses such as medical bills and car repairs, you should have an emergency fund because it helps in providing extra security and enabling you to feel prepared.

According to a review, more and more people are now indulging in trading assets like stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and forex due to the possibility to make huge returns.

This not only provides them the financial security but also the best help when in financial emergency situations.

If you are really passionate about trading and investing in such markets you should definitely learn the pros and cons of it before you dive into it.

Communicating with your partner

This applies to marital financial stress and it requires you to be deliberate in expressing your concerns and to stay open with your partner because it is very important in helping you to alleviate stress.

If you have problems, you should not hide important details from each other and instead, you should solve them together because this is a much healthier way of approaching your finances.

You should be clear when it comes to your understanding and values regarding money.

Tips for Beginners To Trade In Stocks Successfully

No doubt, as the ways of trading and making money online are increasing many of the fakes and scamming sites are also spreading their wings on the platform of the internet.

stock trading

So, one should be very much aware while joining these sites if they are really concerned about making money online for long.

Especially when it’s about trading in the market (like in stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, or commodities) there are many broker companies to choose from.

WorldStocks is one great reliable platform that I found useful and trustworthy. No matter which asset you want to trade in, here you can get all the best services.

The company allows its members to purchase stocks from various companies and take part in the trading of stocks as well.

Tips for Beginners

When a person purchases stock from a company, he indirectly or directly becomes a partial owner of that particular company.

Becoming a partial owner means that the person is liable for getting dividend payments as they become the shareholders of the company.

If the company is a new one, then the stock owner can get enormous returns while selling the stock or his part of the shares.

If the company is an old and a well- known one then the risk of making a loss gets minimal and the person or the shareholder gets good returns.

There are basically three types of stocks that a client can purchase from a company- common stock, preferred stock, and unlisted stock.

Common stock is the ordinary stocks that make the shareholder a partial owner and hence make him liable to get dividend payments, earning growths and voting rights for the company.

Getting the help of WorldStocks is all that you need to get success.

The owners of preferred stock do not have any voting rights but at the time of the bankruptcy of the company the owner of preferred stocks is given privilege over the owner of the common stock.

Unlisted stock is liable to greater risk in a company. So its better to avoid them.

How Does Forex Trading Signals Work?

Free forex trading signals are among the most common features that a good forex trading platform provides for its users. These trading signals often act as a warning sign helping the trader to make accurate decisions.

Trading signals are emitted by the trading platforms and are being used by the platform to help the traders. In simple terms, it is the way of the program to communicate with its users and to tell when it is the right time to trade.

These trading signals use an algorithm method that works parallel with the Forex market.

forex trading software

The Forex platform you use may have a different variety of trading software like automated trading, demo accounts, alerts, signals, graphs, charts, etc. and the trader can choose from them.

This software is often designed for both a beginner and an advanced level trader.

However, the thing to remember is that there are the number of quality Forex software available in the market but you need to make use of the best Forex software for your needs and it is important when you are trading on a regular basis.

How to choose the right currency trading software?

If the currency software you download and install is not able to deliver you the results as expected it is not worthy to use them.

There are some fraudulent services that provide scam software too. So, beware of all such services and do not install software from scammers.

The best way to know about particular currency trading software is to read its reviews.

For instance, if you are looking to join a trading system like Xtrade, it is important that you get its details via a detailed Xtrade review found online.

These software reviews are provided in the trading forums and communities where experts and users in this field interact with you.

The other best thing is to read some online reviews of the users in review sites that provide genuine reviews on the software by the actual users.

Overall, choosing the right currency trading software is the most required thing if you want to make use of an automated system to help you in trading successfully.

How to Be Trained In Day Trading?

Everyone wants to be a day trader. It’s quick money, you can stay at home and trade stocks, and every day consists of a brand new trade.

However, not many have what it takes to stick to it.

Day Trading

It’s not just about luck and the ability to guess right, there’s a strong logical side that is involved in the business of day trading.

So what do you learn in day trader training that will help you become a successful day trader?

Know your basics

It is not just about buying and selling shares, it is so much more. Making a profit from these shares require to have a basic knowledge of the market. Calculations and profits go hand in hand.

Without knowing how the market works and how to take advantage of the current scenario, it will be very hard to have a successful sale in the market.

Since day trading is done from home and mostly on the internet nowadays, your first investment should be on a fast PC/Laptop and an even faster internet connection.

Trades happen in the blink of an eye and without haste, you just might lose out on a huge opportunity.


You have to keep at it until you become good at what you do.

The initial trades might be wrought with losses, but you having to work until you find out what strategy works out the best for you and how you can improve on it and make more profit.

Most of the trade is done the previous day before. If you do not study the market structure and have an idea of how it might turn, you’ll have a bad time.

Strategies and Indicators

Learn to study the technical indicators that define the market and plan your strategies according to it to have a high success rate.

Without both, you have a very low chance of succeeding.

How To Make Your Everyday Trading Easier?

Gurion Trade Command is about empowering traders to do more, trade faster and have more control.

That’s exactly what traders are going to discover when they start using Gurion Trade Command.

Trading is always evolving and Gurion Trade Command is the natural evolution of a trading platform. Faster, more powerful, but easier to use than ever.

Gurion Trade Command project is expected to be finished by the end of March 2020 and released by the end of April 2020.

If you are really excited, you can support the campaign at Kickstarter here:

Tips for Easy Online Stock Trading For Beginners

Online stock trading for beginners is something that requires a lot of precautions to be taken. The beginners generally end up falling prey to various fraudulent money-making schemes because of which they literally lose it all.

However, with stock trading, there are no hidden terms and conditions that shall make you lose belongings. Most of the beginners have been seen to be selecting short stocks for various reasons.

Stock Trading

Short stocks are mainly selected by the traders because they impart instant returns. Despite being risky, they are the best for making quick money.

The process of earning via short stock basically means selling of those stocks that an individual does not even own. The trader is required buying the stock soon after the betting has been executed so s to shut down the open position.

A bank account is required to be owned by the stock market trader so that the money that is required being paid and deposited can be done through it.

If you are in India the top online agents and brokers like Zerodha are there to open the Demat accounts for you with minimal deposition.  Everything done in case of share trading is absolutely legalized and secured.

The going long stocks are different from the online ones. They tend to link their profits from the time when they had been actually bought.

The procedure of selecting those stocks that are going to give you higher returns in the upcoming future is certainly not an easy task. It requires one to be very keen and observant before taking any decision.

Even when you get to hear positive earnings reports about a certain stock, there is no guarantee at all that it is going to have a future price hike.

The surety of earning money through stocks is something that is very risky. The traders must aim at applying multiple strategies so as to select a single stock.

They must make various investigations so as to conclude that what shall give them enhanced returns in the future. Online stock trading for beginners is a good option if done in a proper manner. You can take the help of automated trading programs to get all the help.

Hot stocks can also be selected by the traders for earning money. The exact procedure of spotting hot stock is not that complicated.

In fact, there exist multiple easy ways through which one can spot the ultimate hot stock. Online stock trading for a beginner includes uncountable pinpointing techniques of relying upon hot stocks.

Trading In Gold Over Forex Trading

Gold and silver jewels apart from a symbol of pride and beauty turned to be the centerpiece of tradition and legacy.

Investing and trading in gold is one of the most lucrative and favorite alternative investment forms for investors today.

gold invest

In this present scenario, it is the best time to purchase or invest or trade in gold.  The market for this precious metal seems to be sturdy nowadays.

Whatever the rate increases it is found that the sales of gold and silver never love to come down.

The amazing fact is that at present thousands of dollars worth precious metal investment is made online. Yes, now you can trade-in your precious metal without making a move from where you are.

If you want you can also sell your scrap gold and get the cash instantly for better profits.

However, before you proceed further you should check the price of gold and get the help of a gold price calculator to know various details about your gold investment.

Tips for Small Investors

Wise men look for better advice when it is time to trade in gold or silver or in forex?

And as per the current reviews and advice, gold can be one of the most profitable of all.

However, for the small investors or for those who are new to the market it is advisable to follow the advice of a reliable broker before they enter the market. This lowers down the chances of loss.

Trading in gold is not a tough task as you think with reliable trade gold hiwayfx brokers there to help.

For a non-savvy investor, who has the least knowledge about trading in gold profitably, brokers such as these are very much helpful.

You just need to register with them and believe me, you can start trading in just less than 2 minutes.

So why not join today and get the advantage of low spreads and high volatility.

Trade Forex Like A Pro With Best Broker

Currencies are damn important to people across the globe. Currency trading therefore tends to hold a vital importance throughout the globe. Foreign currencies as well as cryptocurrency have been lately known to play quite a vital role in terms of foreign exchange.


However, before beginning up with the trading in these currencies, one must select the exact kind of trade one desire undertaking online.

Foreign exchange market is basically a place where one trades in currencies. Anyone who knows trading using a live account or supported demo can become a part of Forex trade user base program.

Unlike other social trading networks, forex trade makes it possible for the traders to earn money while utilizing safety demo accounts. Participants who are interested in doing so shall be taught to use either these accounts so that they do not suffer actual losses.

However when dealing with actual markets and currencies forex tips must be analyzed by the traders before taking any steps ahead. Platforms such as IronFX are much beneficial where you can trade like a pro without any hassle.

Although trading in forex and cryptocurrencies can be tough and confusing for many, the easy to use IronFX trading platform makes it very easy for you to trade here in the markets without any confusion. You can read the detailed IronFX review online before trying them out.

Forex Trading at IronFX allow everybody to try their luck for becoming professionals. The successful traders can definitely earn a considerable second income thereby sharing their trading strategies with the user base of Forex trade.

Under forex tips for beginners, it is recommended that the ones who are a part of traders program should not utilize scalping strategies. The differences between the supported brokers result in scalping strategies. Scalping strategies do not transfer well into the accounts of others.

Forex trade advises all the traders to be cautious regarding trading during the release of news as it is pretty possible that some signals might not get passed into the copiers.

The recommendations are not restrictions. It is cautioning those using news and scalping trading strategies who generally fail to receive significant following.

Traders are initially provided trader logins and in order to withdraw the commissions earned one shall be required to give Forex trade with proper identity documents. Withdrawals are subject to nominal processing fees.