What are Ionization Chambers?

Ionization chambers is one of the simplest most form of gas-filled radiation detectors.

These are now widely used for detecting and measuring various types of ionizing radiations like X-rays, gamma rays, and beta particles.

Ion chambers in general shows a good response to radiation that includes wide range of energies.

This is therefore one of the most preferred ways to measure high levels of gamma radiation in industries such as nuclear power, radiography, radiobiology, environmental monitoring and various other research labs.

Usually the ionization chambers are comprised of various types of chambers. These may include:

  • Free-air chamber
  • Vented chamber
  • Sealed low pressure chamber
  • High pressure chamber

Although there are many more types but the above ones are the most common.

While using ionization chambers proper care and precautions has to be taken so that it works risk free as desired.

Moisture is one major problem that can affect the working greatly. And for this reason chamber’s internal volume must be kept in a completely dry condition. The vented type of chamber uses a desiccant to help out with this.

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