How Good is Group-500?

Group-500 is a high-end broker which specializes in forex trading, stocks, CFD, and cryptocurrencies.

The broker is based in Switzerland and is strictly regulated. The Group-500 review will help you determine if the broker is worth your money or time or not.

Being a luxury brokerage firm, Group-500 aims to meet all the expectations of its customers.

The first thing to notice here is how the brokerage presents itself.

As a thumb rule, an online brokerage shouldn’t be too flashy.

Group-500 meets this requirement and is made with a minimalistic yet engaging page. Now let’s switch to the functionality of the broker.

The Group 500 broker is fully functional and offers a user-friendly and intuitive design. It leaves a great first impression on the user. Some of the best properties of the broker are given below:

1 on 1 training

Because of the volume of the customer base, brokers frequently hold private trading education.

You may often see online webinars held online somewhat like a school class. They are not interactive and unhelpful in solving personal queries. Traders don’t gain any knowledge with it.

But Group-500 offers 1 on 1 training to solve this issue and helps you get education and knowledge about trading by speaking to an expert personally.

Curated content set by the broker

Apart from getting personal trading from professionals, Group 500 makes it easier to get happenings of the financial market.

Its curated news differs the most essential occurrences from the grain and makes it simpler to understand them.

You will not have to sift from a dozen articles to know one thing. In the trading sphere, information is important and Group-500 acknowledges this well.

Remarkable funding

Traders often ignore the need for funding. It may be frustrating when you choose a broker and then find out their deposits and withdrawal are not so good. This may get worse if they have hidden fees or specific conditions.

It may become a hindrance in your trading and lead to missed opportunities. However, Group-500 has no such problems and offers quick and remarkable funding across several investment approaches.

These are some of the features which separate Group 500 differently and better than the rest!