Will the Bitcoin Bubble Burst?

Should you invest in Bitcoin? Well, one thing is for sure, Bitcoin is surely worth considering.

And with BTC crossing $20K threshold in the year 2017, it is no wonder people consider it to be a bubble.


It also dropped to $5000 this year and is now constantly skyrocketing since.

Investors tend to stay away from cryptocurrency because of its extremely volatile market, but with high volatility comes amazing rise in the profit margins.

In less than 6 months, Bitcoin has given more than 1000% increment. For a lot of people, it is surely a bubble but to others, it is an amazing change to make fortune in the shortest time period.

However, when you see it in terms of economics, the demand and supply graph suggest that as supply rises, demand falls and as supply falls, demand increases. There is an inverse relationship.

There is demand because of short supply. And in terms of crypto, there will be just 21 million bitcoins mined.

So, the supply is limited for millionaires, which have built its demand.

According to The Next Bitcoin, people around the world don’t usually see Bitcoin as anything more than an investment.

But this mindset doesn’t go with those people who are being affected by economic depression.

For instance, Venezuela has a weaker fiat currency and almost the full country accepts cryptocurrency.

With the place being affected with an economic death spiral, more and more miners have entered the field.

So, here BTC holds more value than the fiat currency and enjoys great value in the minds of those suffering from economic crisis.

So, the answer to your question – will the Bitcoin bubble burst. No, it is going to be here for some time. It has a great future ahead and is worth considering as an investment.

Store it in your online wallet or offline wallet and keep it safe and in the coming time, it will give you marvellous returns.

Soon your blockchain game will go insane and people will not find too many Bitcoins to purchase.

So, go ahead and buy it now and the price will obviously go high again in the coming time.

Why is GTLot the right broker for you?

Trading in cryptocurrency has multiplied ten times.

More and more people are taking interest in it. But in order to trade in cryptocurrencies, you should find a broker.


Amongst the several options available in the market, GTLot is one of the best ones to look at and consider.

But, how is it the right broker for you? Below here are some of the points to prove it:

Intuitive and smart trading platform

An important point to consider when picking a broker is the trading platform they offer.

GTLot offers a web-based trading platform that can be assessed through its website. There is no need to download and install.

It is simple to use and has an intuitive interface that provides immediate response to your action.

The platform has been decked with essential trading tools to ease your trading. You can also check out the latest market news.

The trading platform works on multiple gadgets. It is also available in the app for Android and iOS platforms.

Over 300 trading assets

For those who a diverse portfolio, GTLot offers you this facility with over 300 trading instruments.

It will help you in maximizing the returns and lowering the risks.

Great security

GTLot pays additional attention to the security of its client. It complies with HYC and Anti-Money Laundering policies.

No trader can proceed to trade until they comply with these policies. It keeps your money safe with account segregation.

All your personal information is encrypted and never shared with third parties.

Exceptional customer service

GTLot offers great customer service. Their experts are available round the clock to meet the needs and requirements of their clients in every possible way.

So, no matter what query you have, it will be resolved immediately.

Final thought

If you are one of those who want to have a reliable, secure, and flexible trading broker, then you will never go wrong with GTLot.

It has a perfect and comfortable trading environment and is suitable for all types of traders.

So, just go ahead and open your account and start trading in your favorite asset now.


How to Plan for a Small Business Finance?

So many people start a business of any type with a full-fledged mind setup only but very few of them only will succeed in the market competition and come up to a higher level. This is purely on their creative mind, good marketing, confidence level, and hard work.

Apart from these characters, one more important thing is that if you are taking the history of the present times most high-level business companies, they may have started their business companies initially in a smaller form only.

Thus starting any type of business initially in a smaller form will surely by the hard work and confidence reach a high level at a period.

Small Business Finance

Arranging for funds

Getting certain finance certainly might not be enough for you. Therefore you can go for any kind of long-term debt, short-term debt, equipment finance, or inventory finance for getting the remaining amount.

You can also check the WorldStocks review, join them and trade online to make some quick bucks that can help you get the money you are short with. Since they are reliable in the market you need not worry about the possible scams.

If your company is earning continuous profits and has established a good position then there would be lots of lenders ready to lend you the required sum of money.

It is however advisable to have the experience and decent commercial loan broker to analyze the markets and the type of finances available to you.

By having an experienced commercial broker you get to have nice deals and most importantly you can rely upon them. However, you should always go for the type of finance which is suitable for your company and fits the best according to your needs.

Right Amount of financing for the business

Well, sixty percent of finance is always healthy for your company and if you have a good cash flow then the finance won’t put any sort of burden. Debt finance also comes in the form of secured or asset-based finance.

These secured finances however include your business inventory, accounts receivables, real estate, personal property, furniture, letter of credit, etc.

You can have the correct combination of both secured and unsecured installment loans bad credit for fulfilling your company’s financial need. Your business gets the nice mix of both if it has good cash flow and is in a strong financial position.

Is Forex Trading Real or A Scam?

In the present scenario, the forex market is put in a very strange position.

The forex market has multiplied manifold in the last few decades and now it is one of the biggest and most active investment markets of the world.

Only some years ago, forex was considered a niche but now the tables have turned and high volumes are recorded in the forex market.

Forex Trading Real or A Scam

A lot of forex trainers promise instant success and this is why an average person questions the authenticity of forex trading and its mechanism.

They wonder is forex trading a scam or reality.

Investment gurus state that forex is nothing more than an investment which has been in practice for several years but the forex mechanism involves international monetary institutes to exchange currency for different purposes.

What doesn’t make sense is can forex trading make you a millionaire overnight or give you immense profits, without stumbling upon losses.

Once you enter the forex market and commence trading, you will know that success and failure here go hand in hand.

Whether you will be successful or not depends on a number of aspects as well as your trading efforts.

How does the forex market function?

Forex means foreign exchange. It is the engine where all the operations related to money exchange takes place around the world.

The currencies function under market rules and trading with them is your prospective chance to make money.

But trading with currency isn’t that easy as it appears, despite the part that forex isn’t a scam, at all.

Forex trading isn’t a guaranteed manner to earn a consistent profit.  A lot of amateur traders are destined to lose in the beginning.

Even the professional traders who don’t treat their money well end up losing their money.

This certainly ensures that forex trading isn’t a scam. Hence you need to adopt some skills and knowledge before you practice trading.

Forex trading isn’t rocket science but you need a well-designed knowledge to be a well-prep trader.

So, if you ask is trading a scam? Well, could it be if you put so much devotion and effort into mastering this artwork?

Should You Sell Your Annuity?

Old age and retirement are fearful of many persons. To remove this fear and make a happy old age government has introduced many schemes and policies. One such thing is the annuity.

In this, a person may get the income which he has invested many years before. So, this gives a hassle-free life.

Sell Your Annuity

There is also another option here in this annuity where the person can get the lump sum money as a whole in hands. It means annuity can be sold to another person or agent who can give back cash in hand.

There are plenty of reasons to the question of why to sell my annuity as this is one of the valuable assets for any person.

So, selling an annuity would be helpful to invest in a new business, start a new venture, other better-investing plans, etc.

If you want you can also invest or trade the cash in forex and cryptocurrencies where you can get multifold returns very soon. Sites like Neuer Capital can help you get started but make sure you check the Neuer Capital review to know how it works before joining them.

It may also help in settling down any loans, dues, pay off debts, etc. On the other hand, a person may sell his annuity on an idea of purchasing a new house, car, or any other thing.

Some people might ask how I would sell my annuity. Selling an annuity is not a difficult thing. There are many experts who would help in explaining the procedures involved in selling an annuity. The documents related to the annuity should be kept ready.

Quotes from various different places can be obtained and the best one can be chosen.

Even these things can be sent by envelope to the concerning authority. It takes hardly around 3 – 6 weeks for the payment to be settled if every document is clear.

There are many options for selling an annuity. If the person has not started receiving the payments, he can get more profit by selling the annuity.

Even if a person has started receiving the payments, he can sell an annuity. In this case, he may have to pay some fees for receiving the cash in hand.

Some people do not want to sell their annuity on whole; they also want to receive the monthly payment from the annuity.

Even in this case, it is possible to sell a part of their annuity. In any case, some work is required from the owner part for him to stay safe.

He should also proofread his papers before signing in to any of them.

What’s Driving Institutional Investors Towards Factor Investing?

Factor investing isn’t a new tactic. In fact, institutional investors have been employing factor research for decades. Many are already executing this investment strategy, whether they realize it or not. We believe, as institutional investors realize lower returns for most asset classes, their need for alpha will have many of them gravitating toward factor investing.

With this not-so-new tactic, investors can move away from active management fees—which are quite high—towards much lower-cost factor – indexed strategies. New technology and a broad range of analytical tools have made it easier to analyze a wide range of factors. This helps investors understand how factors work within their portfolios.

Factor Investing

Factor investing goes beyond smart beta strategies by measuring both performance sources and existing portfolio risks. This enables a hybrid solution of both active and passive management and also allows for ETFs that specifically concentrate on both of these attributes, that we believe will result in a better target asset allocation.

We believe that Factor investing gives most investors a competitive edge within the portfolios they construct. It also means better liquidity and lower fees—attributes that become more important in low-return environments. Unsurprisingly, a recent survey showed that institutional investors plan to increase their factor allocations from 12% to 18% over the next five years[1].

Ultimately, investors want to maximize their risk-adjusted returns. After the 2008 financial crisis, which revealed how various underlying factors could negatively impact unrelated assets, investors in our opinion, want full transparency while getting the most out of the equity asset class.

Is factor investing the “holy grail” of investing strategies? It’s still hard to say. But this tactic has the potential to deliver a return that’s much less cyclical than the returns on most passive strategies. Factor investing uses a systematic method to maximize the return of available assets at a much lower cost and over a longer period. It’s clear why institutional investors are giving this approach more attention.

This kind of factor-based strategy isn’t only being applied to equity investments. Companies around the world are developing transparent solutions that are rule-based for other asset classes, including fixed-income. We believe this shows that factor-based investments and strategies seem to be a good business decision all around.

In the past, active managers charged an arm and a leg for factor investing. The need to process research and calculations manually made data analysis far too time-consuming. Things are different now, as new innovative apps and tools have made data analysis cheaper and more accessible. These tools also make for better informed, smarter investors. The market for analytical tools is very competitive, with new apps and SAAS software sprouting up in digital marketplaces daily.

Some investors theorize that the more factor investment strategies are used, the harder it will be to get a return. The factor-based investment market is approaching the $500 billion mark, leaving many worried about market saturation. However, the money in this pool is not ‘new money’ as much as it is ‘existing money’ that’s been repurposed more systematically. This means market saturation might not be an issue for a while.

There are various methods of incorporating factor investing in a portfolio. A common factor strategy utilized today involves allocating as much as 30% or more of core equity allocation—and investing it on factors such as momentum, value, and quality. As more data and analysis have become available on the market, investing has grown more strategic. This allows for a more sophisticated approach where the impact of factor-based investing is noticeable across whole portfolios while still maintaining transparency for the investor.

Some things worth noticing in factor investing include trading, capacity, how to handle liquidity, and how performance should be measured. Advisors and institutional investors have the goal of building portfolios that meet a specific need for their clients or themselves. Whether they’re looking for aggressive or passive, low volatility or high returns, they should consider factor investing at some point when constructing a portfolio. So, what would that look like?

There are two different types of factor-based investments: Single-factor investments and multi-factor investments. Investors should consider which of these strategies makes the most sense for them to use based on several variables.

Single-factor Investments

Single-factor investments track, follow, or aim for a single factor such as momentum, whereas multi-factor approaches combine several factors.

Single-factor investments are more straightforward than multi-factor investments. Since they are much easier to create and to operate, the investor can continually change their investments/positions to achieve the desired exposure. Unfortunately, this also allows for investments to underperform if the wrong factor is chosen or the timing is wrong. Thus, single-factor investments are better utilized by long-term investors or those with firm convictions about a specific factor.

Multi-factor Investments

With multi-factor investments, investors are offered a broader range of benefits. This makes multi-factor investments more attractive but through a more complicated process. If an investor is considering multi-factor strategies, they should consider each factor they plan to invest in and construct that factor individually.

The decision to use simple patterns or more complex ones is ultimately up to the investor. While a simple pattern makes it easier to explain benchmark differences, a more complex portfolio may achieve better results. The potential choices and outcomes in factor investing suggest that spending time on selecting the right factors and creating the most efficient portfolio constructions can significantly impact the overall performance of an investor’s factor investment(s).

Some Of The Best Trading Strategies For Success

To earn a decent income and living with online trading is a dream for many. At the same time, it is important to know that trading online is really a challenging job online these days.

You will need to get proper training and understand concepts before you can dive in. This will help you save from possible losses.

Here are a few things you will need to understand before you trade online. Hopefully, it helps.

Trading Strategies For Success

Reading OHLC chart

The full name is open high low close chart, where the close indicates the assets ultimately reach. It is indicated by a bar going to the right.

The open indicates where the assets initially started from and are given by a bar going to the left.

The high point is at the top of the bar where the assets will reach over the period.

The lowest point at the bottom of the bar, which shows the maximum fall in the price of assets over the same period. Reading an OHLC chart will help you to utilize the best trading strategy properly.

Three Consecutive Bar Trend

Here you need to locate three bars that follow the same trend. If three bars are going up, you use a call for it.

If three bars are going down, you use the word put it. As it is very important in life to know what will work for you and what won’t, similarly in the investment of money you should also know which pattern or trend is the best for you.

Based on my experiences of trading at MDX500 I can say that this will give you the maximum results.

The ABC trading

The next possible way to succeed is ABC trading. The basic aim of this strategy is to monitor market tendencies and profit. For example, you wish to locate an ABC call.

You need to look for a line that moves upwards and then downwards for a very short amount of time.

It is important because the next time this line will move upwards, it will keep going in the same direction for a significant amount of time, thereby helping you to locate where you should call for the asset.

Failures in trends

While you know how to locate a call or a put, which you should do in the opposite mechanism, you also have to know how to locate failures in order to avoid being misguided.

The best way to know this is by trying to look for specific patterns in the C point.

If the C point is seen to go lower or higher for a call or put than the previous C pattern, it is a clear sign of failure for that particular bar or line.

MYA Saray USA Ranks No. 237 on the inaugural 2020 Inc. 5000 Series: D.C. Metro

MYA Saray USA Lands on Inc. Magazine’s First-Ever List of

D.C. Metro’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies —

The Inc. 5000 Series: D.C. Metro

MYA Saray USA Ranks No. 237 on the inaugural 2020 Inc. 5000 Series: D.C. Metro

Inc. magazine has revealed that MYA Saray USA is No. 237 on its inaugural Inc. 5000 Series: D.C. Metro list, the most prestigious ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

Born of the annual Inc. 5000 franchise, this regional list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the D.C. Metro economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses.

Inc. magazine is a business icon, and it is truly an honor for MYA Saray to be recognized by them,” said Mahmoud Badawi, President MYA SARAY/USA. “It is exciting to be part of Inc.’s inaugural 5000 Series for D.C. Metro and we look forward to moving up the chart in years to come.”

The companies on this list show stunning rates of growth across all industries in the D.C. metropolitan area. Between 2016 and 2018, these 250 private companies had an average growth rate of 196 percent and, in 2018 alone, they employed over 88,000 people and added $6.5 billion in revenue to the greater D.C. area’s economy. Companies based in the Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Richmond, Virginia, metro areas brought in the highest revenue overall.

Complete results of the Inc. 5000 Series: D.C. Metro, including an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, metro area, and other criteria, can be found at inc.com/inc5000-series-dc-2020.

“The companies on this list demonstrate just how much the small-business sector impacts the economies of D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware” says Inc. editor in chief Scott Omelianuk. “Across every single industry, these businesses have posted revenue and growth rates that are beyond impressive, further proving the tenacity of their founders and CEOs.”

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The best server and networking hardware reseller

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We are experienced in our business over 240,000 customers around the world trust ALLHDD.COM to deliver undertaking vital hardware on time.

Trade With Neuer Capital for Profitable Trading Experience

Sometimes, good things happen to you unexpectedly.

I’ve never encountered the concept of trading not until I met a very good friend of mine again after almost 3 years—accidentally.

I was supposed to eat lunch alone at my favorite restaurant when I suddenly bumped into this good friend on my way from the office.

He invited me to lunch. And since he was a really close friend that I just happen to lost touch with because we both led busy lives, I obliged.

Neuer Capital

What was supposed to be a lunch filled with catch-up stories became my entryway into the world of trading?

My friend happens to be a part-time trader at Neuer Capital while being a full-time financial consultant.

He introduced me to the concept of trading. What it is, How it works?

And then he recommended that I try online trading since it allows me to do the trading at my convenience.

I am an event planning consultant, which means that I usually have very limited amounts of spare time and this trading thing seems to be another chore to add up to my load.

But when he told me that online trading is not that time-consuming and can really bring you hefty profits, I did a double-take.

He said that the secret to successfully trading online was finding the right broker, and that’s when he recommended Neuer Capital to me.

He said that it was the platform he was using for most of the trading he does in forex and cryptocurrencies.

After a two-hour talk about how our lives have been, and about trading (for the most part) we had to part ways so we headed back to our respective offices, which were just two streets apart by the way.

I was still skeptical about the online trading thing but for most of the afternoon I was working, it kept crossing my mind.

When I got home, just to satisfy my curiosity, I fired up my laptop and went directly to the site my friend told me about.

I also googled about it and everything about trading so I can further understand how it actually works.

I read every single piece of information I could and thought that it wouldn’t hurt to try.

I decided to shell out just a reasonable amount just in case my friend’s recommendations were just exaggerated or something.

I started with a small investment amount of $250. And that was what I consider until now to be the best way I spent $250!

I’ve been trading with them for months now and I am very thankful for that unexpected lunch.