Why you need a personal injury lawyer

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, there are different sources from which you can get a competent one. Most people normally get information from their friends, family doctors or other health care professionals that they get to relate with during their ordeal.

The first places that most people begin with including the Yellow Pages or many of the available online lawyer directories. Contacting your local State bar Lawyer referral service is another viable option; since personal injury lawyers are in their hundreds, there may not be a magic answer to the question of where to find one.

Referrals: Among the best ways to get a competent personal injury lawyer is to ask for a referral from another attorney that you trust. In case you don’t have any lawyer friends, you could as well get referrals from your friends regarding the lawyers they know and trust.

While they many not necessarily give you the name of the lawyer who will finally handle your case, it is important that you receive a referral who will most likely comprehend the matters related to your case or one who is well positioned to know someone else who has the requisite skills to deal with your case. Most reputable lawyers who are not able to handle a particular case are normally more than willing to refer you to someone who will.

One thing you may not know as a layperson is the fact that in most situations attorneys will frequently receive ‘referral fees’ whenever they send personal injury cases to another lawyer or law firm. The amount of referral fees paid is normally a significant amount and in some cases, it can be up to a quarter or one-third of the fee that will be paid in the personal injury case.

This is normally a good incentive for many attorneys to refer clients to some of the best personal injury cases in their community. However, if such an arrangement makes you feel uncomfortable, you should ask the lawyer referring you whether they expect to be paid a referral fee.

Membership organizations and referral services: There are many State Bar Organizations that provide referral services for members of the public looking for personal injury attorneys. Members of the organization can get listed with the referral service even though you may not easily know from the referral service which lawyer is competent enough to handle your case.

You may also check with specialty organizations that offer online membership directories for personal injury attorneys. Last but not least, you may find a number of online commercial directories claim to list the most competent personal injury lawyer; regardless of what they promise, do a thorough background check before signing the dotted line.